Security Notes

Please keep in mind that a sellers identity (especially that of private sellers) is not checked by

Due to some fraud-attempts that happened during the last months, please note the following security advice:

For buyers:

  • Be careful if an item is offered at a very low price and the seller requests you to make a down-payment.
  • Never ever pay for an item via Western Union.
  • Do not buy via an escrow service that claims to be affiliated with - is currently not offering any escrow-services
  • Watch out for spoofed escrow-sites (sites or emails that look like DHL or TNT but are not the real deal)
  • Always check the phone-number given in the ad. Is it working? Is it forwarded to mobile phone? Is the person on the other end 'trustworthy'?
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true: It might just not be true...

For sellers:

  • Be careful with potential buyers that offer a personal handover of cash in Northern Italy (Milan) or Brussels (Belgium).
  • Be careful if someone offers you more than the price you asked for.
  • Be careful if the buyer asks you to manage the transaction through an obscure escrow-service. While there are reputable escrow companies, unfortunately most of the escrow-sites are faked.
  • Be careful if the buyer wants to pay via cheque from a foreign bank. While your own bank might add the funds in your account at first, they will charge the funds back from you in case the cheque bounces at a later time.
  • When accepting pre-payments via bank-account please make sure that the funds have been credited to your account irrevocably before shipping. Only rely on statements of your own bank about arrival of funds.